Reasons to Schedule a Mammogram

If you are a woman aged 40 or older, breast cancer is a serious concern. Behind heart disease, breast cancer is the second-leading cause of death amongst women. You can protect yourself against breast cancer, however, and a mammogram in Middletown is one of the best prevention strategies out there. If you are scared, you are not alone but it is certainly a procedure that every woman needs. Take a look at these reasons to schedule a mammogram and make that appointment without delay.

mammogram in Middletown

1.    Peace of Mind: When you schedule a mammogram and get the procedure, you know for sure that you are safe or can begin treatment if something abnormal is spotted during the exam. It is the protection that you need.

2.    Live Longer: Yes, a mammogram can help you live longer because it gives you time to get treated before the cancer spreads or becomes too violent within the body for treatments to succeed.

3.    Family: your kids, spouse, and other loved ones want you here on this earth with them as long as possible. You can do this if only you take care of yourself. A mammogram is one of the best ways to take care of yourself and stay healthy at any age.

4.    Once a Year: A mammogram usually isn’t painful, is needed only one time per year, and does not take a lot of your time. It is a small price to pay to possibly save your life.

It is Time to Take Charge of Your Health: Today & Tomorrow

A mammogram is part of a regular preventative health screening. If you are a woman, you need this procedure to continue living your best life worry-free and healthy. Men may also need a mammogram. Talk to your doctor to learn more.