Business Know-how: Three Things to Know About Managing a Pharmacy

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Managing your pharmacy presents both excitement and challenge, especially when you’re new to the position. Creating a structured environment where your employees feel secure and safe is of the utmost importance, but there are three other things to know about managing a pharmacy.

In this article, we cover how you can manage a pharmacy with minimal negative feedback. You should strive to be a leader, not just a boss, especially when the lives of customers could literally hang in the balance based on your performance.

Micromanage Your Paperwork!

Customers come to you for prescriptions that could change their lives and make them feel better, health-wise. Don’t let them down! Keep a well-organized, micro-managed collection of pharmacy paperwork.

You can opt for classic files or invest in pharmacy software to eliminate the need for tangible papers. The software will keep every product and prescription well-organized in computer files. Just be sure you back up the files, multiple times, in case of an internet or computer crash.

Host Daily Meetings to Communicate Effectively and Boost Morale

Employees work best when their manager cares. Be that manager! Host daily meetings with your pharmacy crew to touch base, communicate expectations, receive feedback, and boost morale. Bring doughnuts!

Get to Know Your Customers!

Your customers are as much your lifeline as your pharmacy is theirs. Get to know them, their ailments, their lives, and their prescriptions. Showing that you care will put you in a top spot with people that matter the most.

Managing a pharmacy can be as smooth as clockwork once you get the hang of it. Don’t be in a rush to develop structure overnight. It takes time. Manage on a day-to-day basis, learn as you go, and gather critique from your employees. Hopefully, these three things to know about managing a pharmacy gave you hope and inspiration to stick with your career choice.